Questions & Answers

Do you need to have a diagnosis to receive services from MCRI?

Do you need a social worker to receive services from MCRI?
Once MCRI is approached to provide services, the person and/or family has the choice of purchasing privately , and/or requesting funding from the government. Only when going through the government must the person have a Social Worker who will make a request for MCRI services.

Does MCRI provide financial assistance for those who need it?
No we do not, but we help people get access to programs that provide funding.

How do I apply for MCRI services?
Contact Noella Smith at (506) 866-2760 or come into MCRI office to fill out our application form. We can send you an application through fax, email, or mail.

Do you have to be a member of MCRI to attend Club Shades?

How much is a Club Shades membership? Who do I contact to become a member?
Yearly membership fees for MCRI members is $15.00, and $30.00 for non-MCRI members. Contact Stephanie Haynes at (506) 859-1828 if you would like to purchase a membership.

What kinds of background checks do you need to become an employee, or an Alternative Family Living Arrangement provider?
MCRI requires all of our employees and AFLA providers to pass a criminal record check and a prior contact from social development.

Does MCRI help individuals find apartments?
When an individual applies for MCRI support, we help them find appropriate living arrangements to meet their support needs.

Does MCRI only provide support for adults?
No. We provide supports for all ages.