MCRI presently operates two main models: Community Residences and In-Home Services. Within the Community Residence model exists services specific for children and adults with major emotional and physical difficulties. Within the In-Home Services model exists specific services including Alternate Family Living Arrangements (AFLA) where individuals requiring support live in families/other similar settings, and Supported Independent Living Program (SILP) where individuals living on their own or with their natural families are supported in specific areas to enhance and encourage their personal independence.

Community Residences

MCRI operates youth homes (under the age of 19 years), and also an adult home (19 years of age or older) for people who live in a group setting. Our goal is to provide services that promote respect, dignity, and emotional security so that adults and youths are able to move to more independent living options or family arrangements.

Supported Independent Living Program (SILP)

The Supported Independent Living Program is for people who live in their own home/apartment with twenty-four hour access to supports. Our goal is to respectfully enhance and support existing skills while encouraging further independence, or teach new skills so a person can eventually live with few or no supports.

Alternate Family Living Arrangements (AFLA)

The Alternate Family Living Arrangement program is for people who live in a family/similar setting in groups or two or less. Our goal is to provide a family atmosphere that supports respect, dignity, and emotional support, while encouraging further independence.

Other Services

Applying for services

Our company has many different services designed to fit each individual’s needs. In order to apply to become a member of MCRI and receive supports, we have an application that needs to be filled out. The application consists of questions which allow us to become familiar with the applicant’s support needs. The application form can be sent to applicants through email, fax, by mail, or it can be picked up from our office. Once we receive the application form, the applicant is placed on a list. Once the applicant is next on the list, they will be contacted so that a MCRI representative can meet them. Please contact Noella Smith at (506) 866-2760 if you would like an application form.